Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Technical Issue in Oman for the Commander

As we proceed on our flight plan, our AJ frequency tell us about an aboard departure for the Commander. one of the engine indicator, the engine oil transducer is acting up.

G in the office is been queried and in a short period of time found an english tech to look at the situation.

Here are the instructions

Takeoff top cowling of engine
Look just behind firewall on top of the engine, there is a panel, with 20 or 25 screws, remove it (this is on top of the nassel)
You will see 3 transducers, the big one is for the Torque, then 2 small ones, one is fuel pressure and one is oil pressure.
One of the 2 small one, one hose goes to fuel system and one is going to oil
Once establish that, take electrical connector, swap
9 out of 10 the problem is the transducer
Sometimes the ground connector is the issue

Problem solve in the 110 degree heat of Oman airport and they left the same day to India and overnight in Ahmadabad.

All is well

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