Saturday, June 21, 2014

Next destination is Kolkata, India

Every time we are in India, we look at the weather in the Bay of Bengal and hope that we can make the journey to Chang Mai with only a technical stop.

This year the weather looks good, we have permission for Bangladesh, Myanmar and Thailand to arrive 24 hours in advance...

But I am still looking at some weather over Mandalay in Burma/Myanmar....looks like we could avoid it.

Request is made to change the journey after making sure we have room at the destination..

India come back with a 2 to 4 hours delay on the request to advance departure...this would bring us at night in Chang Mai, the time of the daily thunderstorm...

Plan is cancelled and we are heading and staying in Kolkata.

Next is a screen shot of the G1000 with the Himalayas on our left..too hazy today to see the top on the mountains...

Interesting arrival in Kolkata....but since I misunderstood I am RNP 1 for RNAV 1 equipped. I did get the radar vector and brought directly to the initial approach fix on the ILS...My flying partners did do the same....some time a mis pronounce word can make your life a lot easier

Look at that nearly straight line except on departure where we had to do a 120 degree turn to be able to climb over the TBM.

It is a very busy route and often we checked the TCAS to see other traffic.

Amazing sights.

But most amazing the view of the Taj on take-off...and the surroundings

how often do you see that at FL370??

All at the same time over the VOR

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