Saturday, June 28, 2014

Our Flight from Singapore to Borobudur, Indonesia ( Solo Airport)

After a refreshing stop in Singapore, it is time to move on and cross the Equator enroute to Solo, the getaway airport for Borobudur, the most visited monument of Indonesia.

We have a new crew member with us in the Mustang, Arlette.

It is amazing at our attitude to be pass by airliners a 1000 feet above us...Very happy that the RVSM instrumentation does keep us at the correct altitude.

Avery nicely upgraded airplane

The Indonesian ground handler are doing an amazing and speedy handling on the ground, no wait

Refueling is a family business

And yes we did cross the equator on the way down to Indonesia. We have many photos showing the 00 00 00

The funny thing is that we did not cross at the same point.

and do you know what pilot do, when they have internet access:

Amazing also the toy we have on our Iphone

Here are the Flight Tracker showing the last 2 planes approaching the airport

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