Saturday, June 21, 2014

Enroute to Chaing Mai in Thailand.....and the green of the jungle of East Asia

We are ready for our next leg to Thailand.

This is one of the most challenging leg of the journey for radio communication, their transmitter date back from the 50's and are rather difficult to understand, plus this been a very busy route you have on the radio english people with Thai, Indian, Pakistan, Indonesian, French, British, Russian, German, Chinese, South American it is really a radio melting pot.

The G1000 recording button is a real must to be able to listen again to the transmissions.

Plus as soon as we got into Thailand airspace with Bangkok, their english was also a little difficult to understand.

One comment to the pilots: what we understand in the us as descent VIA the SID has been translated here at descent to 5600 feet with the SID Profile....interesting understanding.

Our departure from Calcutta:

A local PC12

We got very understanding controller, route wise and got mostly direct and in clear weather, there were some buildup around Mandalay but we stay clear of them and we had a tail wind
A couple of rain shower on arrival and an GPS set up to get thru them and we landing in the Green Paradise of Chaing Mai

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