Thursday, June 5, 2014

Change of plan for Bodrum

On the Journey Around the World we have a briefing the night before every flight. In this blog I have share with you some of those.

Today, as we were watching the confirmation of the TAF (Forecast of destination weather) we have confirmation that Bodrum will be hit by a strong wind storm..calling for 50kts plus at our destination airport with a 30 degree offset from the runway...Plus the approach is over mountains..

On the way to the airport, I call G ( it is 2 am in Florida) to refile the flight plane to Izmir, while a 3 hours drive from the hotel, the weather there is very appealing with low light wind forecast.

The change took one hour.

I have arranged a transfer from the airport with lunch and a visit to Ephesus on our way to the hotel.

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