Monday, May 19, 2014

To London

This is the first time that our Journey Around the World takes us to London. Our airport of choice is Luton.

I used to go to Paris, but the French attitude not only in Paris, Bordeaux, Dinard and Cayenne, really push me away from going to France and I have to say at the writing of this blog, I am positively surprise of our experience in London...really a great place and where we feel welcome.

Sad to be said by a frenchman...But this is the truth.....

This is our actual track. about 1030 nm nearly 2000 km, all in one flight with 4 hours in the air

This was an amazing experience, first because of the temperature at altitude we had to stop our climb at FL370, it was too hot and the engines could not deliver, we continued after 1:30 in flight.
The consumption was down to 480 lbs...I have never seen this before, this is 60 gallons an hour...for 300 kts ground speed...and 2 engines

This is what we have done so far in 6 days at an average speed of 300 kts with some headwinds and nearly 6000nm

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