Saturday, August 2, 2014

Our next destination. Magadan UHMM in Siberia, a first for me

We are on our way home and the first stop in the US is Anchorage Alaska. There are not too many ways. The most used is the one going thru Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (UHPP)

This time this cannot be a stop for us, since they are finally repaving the taxiway and tarmac area. There are only open from 3 to 6 and do not allow overnight parking.

Alternative stop is Magadan in Siberia (UHMM). This is where we are going:

Going to Anchorage via UHPP is 2515 nautical miles

Going via UHMM is 2525 nautical miles.

The only problem is the weather for once UHPP is VFR and UHMM is shooing MVFR on the charts:

But these are Russian reporting station and their reading have to be taken with a grain of salt.


Different sources of TAF and METAR are reporting the same

The WSI weather chart, very nicely done and very accurate is given us a very wet flight (Icing???)

We made it

But what a flight, we were at FL390 in the soup the whole way. the Turbine aircraft were also in the soup and getting ice at FL250.

Then we did a full ILS approach and this was an amazing one, yes the ceiling was at 700 feet, yes under the cloud the visibility was 6 miles, yes it was raining and at a very good pace...But no where was mention the wind shear of 65kts coming at a 90 degree right angle at 3000 feet and slowly decreasing and changing direction ending at 110 at 14 kts.

Very happy to be on the ground 

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